Designer Wedding Dresses and Accessories

Before choosing the perfect designer wedding dress and accessories, it is extremely important for brides-to-be to peruse the many different styles and options available. With the addition of a stunning designer wedding dress complete with beautifully matching accessories, you can truly make your wedding day into one you will never forget.

Wedding Dresses

The most important aspect of your wedding day, and one of the first details you should consider, is the type of designer wedding dress that you would like to wear as you walk down the aisle. These days, there are so many different styles available that it can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming to choose just one. However, certain preliminary decisions can help you narrow down the field.שמלות כלה נפוחות

You want to first ask yourself what type of cut you would like your gown to display. Higher cuts, such as the empire waist, usually portray a more formal and timeless look. Lower waist cuts, on the other hand, tend to usually portray a more informal look.

After considering the cut of your potential designer wedding gown, ask yourself what type of straps and neck line you would like your gown to have. A strapless gown, for example, can look both elegant and informal depending on the type of gown, how you wear it, and the overall theme of your wedding.

The easiest and most efficient way to find the perfect designer wedding dress is to simply try as many on as you can. You will not be able to get a good feel for which dress style fits best until you try them on. Trying on wedding dresses can be a lot of fun, but it will also give you a good idea of the type of dress you want, and how much you will enjoy wearing it.


After you have tried on several dresses, and have grown confident with your final choice, it is time to pick out a few accessories to complete your look. Similar to the dress, there are many different types of accessories from which you can choose. From shawls to shoes, jewelry, veils, and hair pieces, the amount of accessories that you can incorporate into your wedding look is endless. Therefore, you should take your time and try on multiple different options with your dress to see which works best.שמלות כלה נפוחות


Many brides prefer to have shawls as accessories to accompany their beautiful designer wedding dresses. Shawls can come in many different styles and can be used for either warmth or simply fashion. If you are unsure if you want to incorporate a shawl into your overall wedding look, consider trying a few on with your wedding gown to see if any catch your eye.


Every bride searches for the perfect wedding shoes to wear as she walks down the aisle. Whether you decide to wear designer shoes or ballet slippers, it is important to pick out your shoes as early as you can. This enables you to wear your shoes around your house to get used to them, and avoid getting blisters on the day of your wedding. Considering that you will be wearing your bridal shoes for a few hours, it is very important to not only choose shoes that look great on you, but also choose shoes that are comfortable. Luckily, there are many designer shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.


When searching for jewelry to wear on your wedding day, you will want to pick out jewelry that not only looks great on you, but also matches your dress appropriately. While many brides choose to wear pieces that has been in their family for decades, you can also purchase unique jewelry that is special for this occasion. As is with your shoes and shawls, it is a good idea to try on the jewelry with your gown to make sure you are completely happy with the overall look.


In past years, veils were more of a symbolic gesture that was meant to keep your face sheltered during the wedding ceremony. These days, however, many women choose to wear them as accessories and to not cover their faces at all. Whether you are adhering to tradition or utilizing a wedding veil in a modern context, wedding veils can add a touch of elegance to your wedding ensemble. Designer wedding veils are available in a variety of lengths from short to cathedral, and many in between.

Hair Pieces

Many brides may also choose to wear gorgeous hair pieces that further enhance their beauty on their wedding day. If you choose to wear a unique hair piece, it might be a good idea to take your hair piece to your hairdresser to discuss how your hair will look on your wedding day. A few practice runs can avoid any unforeseen occurrences from happening hours before your wedding. There is nothing worse than being unhappy with how your hairdresser did your hair and asking her to do it over.

Finding the perfect combination of a gorgeous designer wedding dress and the ideal accessories to match can sometimes be difficult and overwhelming. However, it can also be very rewarding and satisfying. As you walk down the aisle towards the man of your dreams, your guests will be in awe of your beauty and unique style. As perfectly planned out accessories add to the completeness of your dress, you can truly enjoy the wedding of your dreams.